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23pcs Kingdom Death: Monster Terrain Set

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📜 23pcs Kingdom Death: Monster Terrain Set is perfect to fully immersed yourself and your group to the world of Kingdom Death: Monster after each session. Bring the plain of stone faces to your gaming table! These are 3D printed and its is the perfect terrain on the showdown board compared to the cardboard tiles that came with the game!

📜Please be cautious on other sellers on etsy that aren't authorized to sell this models. I have the permission from the creator of these models to sell them. Make sure that you're purchasing these from authorized sellers to received high quality products and to support the original creator of the models.

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📜The following items are available for the whole set.

Total of 23 Pieces of high quality 3D printed terrains for KDM for the Full Set:

6x Acanthus plants
4x Stone Pillars
4x Tall Grass
2x Ore Vein
2x Stone Faces
2x Broken Stone Pillars
2x Toppled Stone Columns
1x Monster Corpse

11pcs Half-Set includes the following:
4x Stone Pillars
2x Stone Faces
2x Broken Stone Pillars
2x Toppled Stone Columns
1x Monster Corpse

📏Size: This models are perfectly scaled for Kingdom Death: Monster by Adam Poots.

📦 All models are physical objects that are printed to order and shipped to you.

♺ About the material:
We use high-quality PLA plastic to give you that durability and the most clarity as well. PLA is a biodegradable plastic and its non-toxic. It is the one of the most environmentally friendly filaments on the market. Our models are printed in high quality PLA biodegradable filament and is appropriately scaled for a standard 28mm/32mm Tabletop game. Our miniatures and terrains are printed at a standard resolution of 0.08mm to give you the best clarity and best gaming experience on the table.

©️ Source models are designed by AxoloteGaming. Link:

High Quality Biodegrable PLA Plastic,FDM Printed